Corporate and Commercial

We set out to advise companies in such a way that crises can be averted, litigation avoided and outstanding accounts prevented.

Lawyers and dentists have a lot in common. People don't enjoy visiting them and tend to put off going, and when they do it hurts. We try to advise our clients on a regular basis and to show them ways of avoiding difficulties and limiting damage.

If your clients are slow to pay, we can collect claims. We send reminders, sue for the amounts, and collect - using the bailiffs if necessary.

You do not have to send your debtor three payment reminders. You can bring an immediate action if you have sent your invoice to the debtor and the latter fails to pay within the specified period. By the same token, you cannot expect that no action will be brought against you just because you have not yet received a payment reminder. You may receive a complaint or a payment order instead of a reminder.

In this case, too, it make sense not to put off the evil day, and to consult a lawyer before the problems become acute or perhaps even insoluble.

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