Environmental Law

If you are unfortunate enough to live in a community whose mayor would like to build a new waste incinerator, or if a disco opens up under your bedroom in a previously quiet neighbourhood, we will do everything in our power to protect your health preserve your night's rest. If a slaughterhouse is to be put up on the green meadow across the street from you, or your neighbour decides to construct a factory farm, the time has come for you to protect your interests. We are there to help.

We advise environmental organisations on their positions on draft legislation, and help citizens assert their right to health and safety of life and limb. We can represent you in official proceedings, advise on the establishment of citizens' action groups, and file complaints to the courts on your behalf. We also represent animal rights activists who protest against factory farms or those who mistreat animals.

We can do all this and more for you to protect you rights as a neighbour and the environment.

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