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This website is designed not just to tell you as much as possible about our work, but also to offer you specific and efficient assistance over the Internet free of charge.

To this end, this site carries comprehensive information on areas in which our firm specialises.

Each area includes the following sections: "General" (a brief overview of the topic), "Decisions" (a summary of precedents), "Service/Sample texts" (templates, sample agreements, law extracts, etc.) and "Literature/Articles" (Articles and references to other publications with immediate online ordering available).

*We can represent your interests before the courts and the authorities. We can provide you with advice and information.
*In matters of labour and social law, we can take care of your employment agreement, advise on your options, or assert your claims before the Labour Court.
*If an employee of yours is having problems with his/her residence permit or has difficulties with the immigration authorities, we can advise and represent you in matters of aliens and asylum law.
*If you decide to found an association or are an NGO, we can draft the statutes, have the association registered, and support you in all legal matters along your way towards making the world a better place.
*If, as an association, a private person, or an NGO, you issue publications or publish in the media, are unfairly attacked by the media and suffer damage to your reputation, we can advise and represent you in asserting your claims.
*An factory farm near your home, a waste incinerator in your area, mobile phone masts in front of your bedroom window, a neighbour who is building without a permit? We can usually put a stop to this. We can support you and your citizens' action group in environmental law proceedings.
*We can contest official notices by filing appeals to the Constitutional or Administrative Court.
*The authorities are not always in the right when they impose administrative fines on citizens. Not every policeman is a friend and helper. We can make complaints on your behalf to independent administrative tribunals, including complaints about police misbehaviour. We stand ready to protect your human rights and assist you in appealing to supreme courts, independent administrative tribunals, or the European Commission on Human Rights.
*Before you know it, you're a suspect. We can represent you in criminal proceedings and help you to reach an out-of-court settlement.
*Cycling is fun, but unfortunately steel is stronger than skin. Even when steel collides with steel, personal injury often results. We can support you in asserting your insurance claims and claims for damages before the courts.
*Energy contracting is a good way to cut down greenhouse gas emissions and reduce costs. We can draft energy saving and plant operation agreements, advise on the legal aspects of plant installation projects, and of obtaining insurance cover and finance.
*We advise companies on all problems of all kinds, and review and draft contracts, especially sale, delivery, licensing, leasing and partnership agreements, and articles of association.
*Do you plan to buy a home? We can draft the necessary agreements, assume the trusteeship and make sure things go smoothly.
*Are your customers behind on their payments? We can take care of claims collection.
*If the tax authorities want more than they are entitled to, we will gladly represent you in tax matters. We can draw up appeals, opinions, and complaints to the Higher Administrative Court, the Constitutional Court, the European Commission for Human Rights, or the Court of Justice of the European Communities in Luxembourg. We will also gladly advise you on how to avoid difficulties with the tax authorities.
*We advise and represent freelancers and artists.
*We are also keen authors in our own right. Our publications include books on labour law, tax law, the law of neighbours, naturalisation law, and contracting.
*Of course, we are always glad to share our expertise. Talks and workshops on media law, environmental law, the law of neighbours, contracting, and claims collection are an important part of our activities.

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