Dr. Josef Unterweger

1977 - 1981
Law studies in Innsbruck
1981 - 1982
Court practice
1982 - 1987
since 1987
Attorney in Vienna
since 2007
Professor Honoris Causa of Wassyl Stefanyk University in Iwano-Frankiwsk, Ukraine


Main areas of practice are administrative, neighbour, press and media, environmental, labour and establishment law, and energy contracting
Ongoing advisory services for citizens' action groups, environmental organisations and NGOs involved in environmental, animal rights, transport and human rights issues
Advice for freelancers

Lectures, seminars and workshops

Lecturing on media law, business formations, energy contracting, nature conservancy and trade law


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Anwaltskanzlei Unterweger, Buchfeldgasse 19a, A-1080 Vienna, www.unterweger.co.at